Chad Paulson

I am an open source Software Engineer who enjoys building things that enrich people's lives.

During late 1999, when Indiana University in Bloomington banned the use of Napster on their network, I formed an organization called Students Against University Censorship. The organization was successful in lifting the Napster ban and helped start the media blitz around the company.

I quit school after my Sophomore year in 2000 to join San Francisco digital music startup While at Listen I was part of a team that developed the first digital music subscription service, Rhapsody, now known as Napster today.

After spending a year at Listen, I decided to move to Los Angeles to work in the traditional music industry, as there was room for growth and evolution. In 2001, I worked at Capitol Records, then quickly moved to Warner Bros. Records as the VP of New Media at Capitol took me along. There I served as the Director of New Media and worked on an innovative AOL Instant Messenger chatbot / MTV 2 campaign utilizing the Eliza Perl module for Glassjaw and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, among other projects.

Shortly after deciding to return and finish my degree at Indiana University in 2003, I founded an open source software project called Warp Pipe. The project was successful in allowing all LAN-based Nintendo GameCube titles to be played online and we were able to offer the software for PC, Mac, Linux, and BSD. The project was so successful, Warp Pipe met with Nintendo representatives during E3 2005. I strongly feel that Warp Pipe's philosophy helped shape Nintendo's online strategy for the Wii, the successor to the GameCube.

In late 2005 I joined Chicago independent label Victory Records where I served as Director of New Media during November, 2005 - February, 2007.

Soon after Victory, I served as chief software architect / senior software engineer at crowdspring, a privately owned startup based in Chicago, from November 2007 to August 2009.

In 2010 I served as senior software engineer at Threadless, another artist-driven, crowdsourced double sided marketplace based in Chicago, IL.

I joined The Noun Project in 2011 as a senior software engineer in order to help launch crowdsourced and monetized artist contributions, an addition to their already impressive mission of building a global visual language with a gallery of curated SVG icons.

Friends from Obama for America were launching a startup incubated in the Discovery Channel's offices in downtown Chicago and wanted me to be a part of it in 2013. I joined as senior software engineer and wrote a web spider to crawl the web for education and edutainment sources used to populate the first versions of the website, before it was comprised of heavily curated in-house content, among other things.

After losing my Mom to heart disease, I decided to start working in health care technology. In 2016, I became a senior software engineer at Healthvana, where we improved patient outcomes with digital results delivery, patient portals, clinician dashboards, scheduling and seamless patient intake. I joined BASE10 Genetics in 2021 as senior application architect, where I supported and scaled their Pharmacogenetic (PGx), Nutri-Genetic (NGx) and COVID-19 testing product offerings.

I am currently consulting and working on a social music application while I look for my next role. If you are looking for a full stack open source engineer, please contact me on LinkedIn or Twitter.